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Wrap me up like a Burritooooooo! How Swaddling lets your bub have the best sleep

Ma, Mom, Mummy—there is something about this word that gives us an instant sense of comfort. For most of us growing up in South Asian households, Ma’s saree or your mom’s muslin dress hem is our earliest memory of security, of knowing that we are going to be okay. Research says that this sense of safety, of belonging comes to the child right from the womb where, as the child grows conscious, he/she feels a sense of protection. As a baby comes into this world, it loses its shielding and safe cover—thus the crying out for the mom, the need to feel near to that source of love and strength. It is like being in a real life version of Life of Pi—the baby is in the middle of the ocean and it doesn’t even have a tiger to be friends with! So how do you make sure that your little munchkin doesn’t feel this way?

Swaddling is to babies what snuggling under the blankets after a really bad day is to new mothers—it makes your bub calm and also make him/her feel peaceful at night. Swaddling is not something new, it has been there since time immemorial—it was there when your ma wrapped you in her old muslin saree to keep you snuggled up beside her at night, it was there when your granny hummed lullabies while rocking you to sleep. What makes the modern swaddle blankets from Cot and Candy different are the way they ensure that your little one gets all the benefits of snuggling without any fuss.

The Cot & Candy® Swaddle blankets are made from GOTS certified cotton made without any harmful chemicals so that those pesky rashes which are oh so common in this terrible Indian summers are not something that your cutie ever has to deal with!  The design of the blanket makes sure that you don’t end up swaddling it too tight so that the baby feels uncomfortable. It also helps in keeping the babe maintain his/her usual body temperature and not get overheated during the night or get cold in case the covers get thrown off.

And the most amazing part of swaddling? You get a full night’s sleep!! There is nothing more sweet to a new mom’s ears than the words “goodnight sleep tight” and that is exactly how a swaddle helps! Even during the day your cute little burrito will remain calm and cool giving you ample time to get your rest as well as take care of yourself.

The cot and candy swaddle blankets come in fun and cool shades which are easy to care for and make for some amazing photographs for your baby book.

So don’t wait up and spend another sleepless night!  Go and get your little munchkin that soft swaddle blanket for tonight. And remember to also give yourself a hug from your mum too—you deserve that warm and gooey feeling only a mom can give.